Cats like to sit on things

Once upon a time, there was a lovely cat in our home, and also some pink crêpe paper. She lost her mind over that paper. Merely sitting on it was simply not good enough: she also had to roll around on it, swat it, rustle it, tear it. It was a crepe paper party!

Not a very high quality photo of this memory… but ka-yoot!
Above all, though, she sat on it, and lay on it, and just of hung out on it, for hours. It was irresistible, the ultimate cat-sit trap.

We were so amused by the “must sit on certain kinds of things” feline phenomenon that we decided to test how small a piece of paper would trigger it. It was clear that a standard sheet of paper was more than enough. Put one of those down on the floor, and she’d be on it in.

But what about a small piece of paper? Like a sticky note?

We placed one in the middle of a room. She entered. She paused a few feet from it, sat down, and stared at it, thoughtfully, slowly. Really took her time. Then sedately walked over to it and sat down on it neatly. She spoke to us calmly with her wide, owly eyes: “It’s no crepe paper—but, fine, it’ll do.”