Done with Trek

Couldn’t get through Star Trek Beyond rental last night: thought it was a dull, awkward mess. I’m baffled by the relatively non-terrible ratings and reviews (7.2 on IMDb and 85% on the Tomatometer). Did I miss something redeeming in the second hour? I seriously doubt it.

For my whole life I’ve consumed that franchise more or less automatically, a requirement for a sci-fi guy like me, but … I think I’m done with it now. I’m not even that nostalgic about Trek. Wrath of Khan was a big deal at the time, but I was still a kid. Picard and friends meant quite a bit to me for a while there in the early 90s. And there was a flicker of excitement at the first of JJ’s films — the new cast seemed promising. But I haven’t really felt inspired or moved by these characters and their silly plots in twenty years.