Front Line Heroes

Two samples from a remarkable series of artwork by MJ Hiblen:

MJ Hiblen is a comic book artist who has been busily depicting healthcare professionals as pandemic heroes. Most of his work isn’t of much interest to me (an appealing style, but not my subject matter). But these work for me.

The first one in the series, nurse-defying-virus, was done early in the year, and the wounded nurse being helped up is much more recent. They’re all great, but the second one shown here is really punching me in the heart: wounded, dying, losing people, losing the people who are trying to save people … but still defiant, still determined. And what choice? 😢 It gives me many feelings.

The power of good illustration never cease to amaze and inspire me.

Some more from the series is featured here. And there’s a book now, Front Line Heroes, and a bunch of T-shirts, mugs, etc.