The future is friendly

Activation of my iPad’s data plan was a big hassle for a weird reason. After quite a lot of time on the phone with Rogers, I finally got a fix … and the surprising explanation: Activation was (invisibly, silently) blocked by a 6-year-old ID theft attempt using my Rogers account. I dimly remember the incident. Someone tried to buy and use a phone, posing as me. So some security features were implemented on my account. None of which have given me a moment’s problem ever since, through many devices, service changes, etc. But then it (invisibly, silently!) blocks a cellular data plan activation on a device that didn’t exist when the security measures were applied to the account. Riiiight.

I laugh and eyeroll every time I hear the Telus (local telco) slogan: “The future is friendly.” NO. The future is a lot of things—some of them good—but “friendly” it ain’t.