Giger is dead 

HR Giger made the Alien, the standard against which all other alien monsters would be judged, and mostly found wanting. For better or worse — and I really can’t tell — Giger affected me more than any other artist ever has. It is hard to express the intensity of the grip Giger’s alien had on my mind, the degree to which my psyche was stained with his imagery. It was ultimate example of being unable to un-see something. I had so many nightmares about Giger’s aliens when I was a kid that, after many years, they finally stopped being scary. Familiarity breeds contempt. “Oh, look, another face hugger. *yawn*

I knew the reign of terror was over when I had tea with an adult alien in a dream. After ripping me apart on countless previous nights, this alien just poked away at a teacup with his inner jaws, politely clacking his teeth on the rim…

The most terrifying stuffie imaginable! [source unknown]