Golf clap for JayBird Bluebuds

Tech troubleshooting is tedious and annoying at the best of times, but it’s infuriating and well nigh impossible when the manufacturer gives you blatantly incorrect instructions. And then defends them. Even when you clearly demonstrate how the device actually works. Shouldn’t they know more about their gadget than I do? Seems like. *golf clap* for JayBird, maker of Bluetooth earbuds for sporty folk.

(Apparently I forgot my oath to never try anything Bluetooth ever again.)

Update and micro-review

I’ve had these for one week, and the streaming over Bluetooth was glitchy from start…but it got worse as the days went by. This morning I was getting dropouts of more than 1 sec at least once per minute, and it de-paired entirely a couple times (all of this even on a full charge). After the factory reset, I had no trouble at all … for about another couple hours, after which they got even worse, and became basically unuseable.

I am now trying a replacement pair.

If the new buds give me no trouble, I’m happy enough with the product: I like other aspects of the buds quite a bit. The short tangle-free cord between the buds is a huge pain-point reliever compared to traditional tangle-prone wired earbuds.