Honest Trailer Proof 

Thumbs up? Fresh or rotten? Five stars? Here’s a new metric for movie quality: ‘Honest Trailer proof’!

We literally tried to Honest Trailer-proof the movie.”

The Winter Soldier co-director Joe Russo

If only more genre filmmakers would!

Disclaimer: I haven’t seen The Winter Soldier yet, so I have no opinion on whether it was, in fact, immune to the savage satire of the guys at Honest Trailers. But by all accounts I’ve heard so far, it is … which makes it at least the fourth surprisingly good quality superhero flick in recent history (Avengers, First Class, Guardians, and makes all the other turds *cough* Spiderman *cough* even more unpardonable).

Update Sep 15: I’ve seen Winter Soldier now, and I didn’t love it. It was non-horrible, but it was hardly honest-trailer proof! I don’t get it. Is Joe Russo buddies with the guys at ScreenJunkies or something? Did they not have the heart to criticize? Strange.