How to read a Kindle book on two devices (after someone else in the family)

Kindle books don’t sync right if someone else in the family has already read the book, because their “furthest read” location dominates. For instance, Kim read the first four Game of Thrones books (bundled into one Kindle book) — a huuuge read. Then last week I picked it up and started reading it on a couple of our devices — switching back and forth between iPad (bed!) and iPhone (busses!) — but it would never pick up on one where I left off on the other, because it was never the furthest read position, which is the only thing that syncs.

The solution, phew, is to login to Amazon and turn of “whispersync” for all your devices. Assuming you’re willing to trash all current “furthest read” locations. (You sure wouldn’t want to if you have several books going…)

That was really driving me nutters.

1st world problems, eh? 😜

(Hat tip to 40tech, where I found the solution.)