I curse you in the name of Jesus!

People get angry at ScienceBasedMedicine.org, and for some reason they often send their hate mail to me, the Assistant Editor, instead of the authors who actually enraged them. So, from the “why tell the assistant editor?” files, here we have a particularly unhinged hellfire-and-brimstone type:

Doctors are a farce who don’t put humanity first. We are being poisoned and you know it. You have not created anything,you can’t create or heal anything, so let’s just stop and allow love to take place and do what your Hippocratic oath vowed you to do. You Devils are ushering in the Antichrist. And in the end you will pay! I curse you in the name of Jesus who serve mammon and not God at the expense of our lives and our health!

It must be so disappointing for people like this that the world doesn’t end every year. As alien as that is to me, I imagine that they handle their disappointment in much the same way that we (rationalists, humanists, secularists, skeptics) handle our disappointment that mean-spirited faith and superstition and snake oil march on and on, that despite all our accomplishments science continues to be just a candle in the darkness, fiercely resisted. They shake their heads sadly, roll their eyes at the madness of the world, and press on — just as we do.