iPhone “delivery”

Funny story… I was waiting all day for delivery of new iPhones, a his/hers pair for me and wife. And until midafternoon the UPS website said that they had the phones, but they were not on a truck out for delivery, but were “delayed” because of some cryptic red tape, something about brokers and clearance yada yada yada. Their arrival was clearly not imminent, so around 3pm I gave up, turned off my “doorbell” — the buzzer rings my current iPhone — and put myself down for a nice little nap.

Well, you know what happened: UPS tried to deliver them in the next fifteen minutes, of course. Well played, universe.

So when I wake up and discover that I missed the delivery I’m all “noooooo!” and I hop on my bike right away and race around the neighbourhood … and find the UPS truck by sheer force of will.

“Hey, UPS guy! You tried to deliver some iPhones to me a few minutes ago! Can you give them to me?”

And he says:

“Not today. Normally I could, but this is iPhone day, and we can’t do it. That’s the rules today only, because there’s too many people trying to steal iPhones exactly like this. But I’m taking them to the UPS store nearby right now. You can follow me there.”

So, like a weirdo, I follow him there on my bike, follow him inside, and then he hands them to the ladies at the UPS store, and then they check my ID and hand them to me. Boom. iPhones “delivered.”

Update after using the iPhone 7 all weekend: The finish/colour of the “black” is fantastic: too beautiful to case. Like the new solid-state home button — most of the early reviewers did not, but I think it’s great. Love the proper waterproofing (did some reading in the bath). Totally unperturbed by the jack situation. The battery life is clearly a step up. Dual speakers is nice. The wider aperature camera and image stabilization are pure win. Solid upgrade.