Meat minimalism

This post has nothing to do with American politics. You’re welcome.

I was amused by watching this vegetarian eat meat for the first time in 22 years:

Stephanie Potakis, the casting director at The Onion, has been a vegetarian since fourth grade. Her reasons, she said, were out of concern for the environment and wanting to, in her words, “save the world.” Her large, meat-eating Greek family was befuddled by her decision.

I resumed eating meat several years ago, after going about 15 years without. There was no drama, but it sure was tasty, and no doubt I made some good ooh-nom-nom faces. I had known all along that I liked meat and missed it, but had made the choice not to eat it for many reasons (good and bad, in retrospect). I assumed I would really enjoy eating it again…and I sure did.

I have remained a “meat minimalist,” however. I keep it a bit special. That’s the form of my compromise.