Mildly interesting currency data

When I first started using Stripe to take payments for books on, I went to considerable effort to offer my customers the option to change the currency, so that they wouldn’t get burned by credit card exchange rates from USD to their own currency. I picked a couple dozen currencies to support, and — as expected and hoped — there have indeed been hundreds of transactions in CAD, GBP, EUR, and AUD over the last 3 years. And every one of those customers got a little bit of a break on the exchange.

But the other currencies? The numbers of transactions decline sharply after those few. Just 45 NZD transactions in 3 years, 29 in Norwegian Kroner, and so on. And there are several under 10 sales: Rubles, Shekels, Ringgit, Yen, Pesos! No real surprises here, but interesting to see three years after working so hard to make them possible. I’d say it was worth the development effort for the currencies that have been used, but there’s several here that clearly aren’t important to my business at this time.