Neighbour loses his shit at tech constantly forever

I have a self-employed office neighbour who succumbs frequently to temper tantrums at his tech. And by frequent I mean at least a couple times per day, sometimes seven. For three years I’ve been serenaded by this crap.

It always starts the same way: “Oh, come on … Come on! … You’re fucking kidding me! You’re kidding me. You have to be fucking kidding me.” (He likes to repeat with shifted emphasis. With shifted emphasis. You know? You know. You know?)

Three years of this entertainment. Whatever he’s always trying to do, it sure doesn’t work very well! I run into him in the hall and elevator occasionally and he always seems normal and cheerful, and I am soooo tempted to say, “So, you know I can hear you losing your shit at your tech all the time… right?”