“Notification storm”

When you get more notifications that you can possibly keep track of, and a few high priority ones are likely to get missed. Very much a “1st world problem,” of course.

Notifications are a mess on all platforms (though some more than others, *cough iOS*). Most of them are amazingly useless, and the handful that actually matter are often indistinguishable from the flood of the trivial and banal.1 Trying to manage them is mostly way more trouble than it’s worth. Just turning of nearly everything the only option I really have the time or patience for.2

  1. I selected this extremely stale notification at random from the insane clutteration in the notification centre on my Mac. DaisyDisk is a fine little app, but this notification — and its pointless persistence — is ABSURD. Most of my notifications are of this ilk. ↩︎

  2. My wish list for notification management in the Apple ecosystem is long, but I’d give them all up if I could just have the top one: a global mute status for all devices, a do not disturb at all, anywhere, no srsly, not on any device, no sounds, nothing I can see, just EVERYTHING SHUT THE HELL UP↩︎