The psychology of behavioural shifts 

Because I’m in a dieting phase right now, trying to push further to a new goal, and it’s getting pretty intense, I was really interested in this deep dive into motivation and the psychology of behaviour change, by James Fell. I’ve been successful at losing weight and keeping weight off in the last couple years, and that success has been one of three major behavioural shifts I’ve pulled off in my life.

It’s hard to describe an epiphany as an ‘approach’ to behavior change, since we don’t know much about what causes them – they mostly just happen. However, when they do happen, they’re usually more effective than the rational, linear approach to behavior change that rules modern psychology.

Of my Big Three behavioural changes, one was driven by epiphany, and the other two (including the weight loss) were each a forced march across a tipping point — one desperate, determined step at a time.

The epiphany was way easier, completely irresistible. To have it was to change, no work required, really: just *poof* I’m different now. But also mysterious! I have no idea how to generate another epiphany like that. I might never have another.