Resuming sort of (but goodbye, Twitter)

I’ve been blogging erratically and trivially for several years now, with a tiny audience and no clear goal except to be writerly. Facebook looms over the endeavour: with every passing day it seems harder and more pointless to “share” anything here when it’s so much easier and more rewarding to do it on Facebook. Blogging is starting to seem old-fashioned and sluggish, but particularly blogging like this, with no clear purpose. I should probably focus or drop it!

But I will stubbornly, apathetically do neither. I’m too busy with to divert any resources here. But I can’t abandon it either. And so I will resume, sort of, posting juuuust enough to claim that I have a blog…for whatever that’s worth anymore.

Bye bye, Twitter

What I am going to finally give up on is Twitter (my personal Twitter account, RIP @paulingraham). The last straw landed on the camel’s back and broke it just today: I read Sol Orwell’s account (on Facebook!) about generating a huge amount of traffic to a post on ~40K above baseline traffic, ~10K from facebook, ~17K from their mailing list, and … ~500 from Twitter. *sad trombone* If that’s the best a (relentlessly impressive) organization like can do…

“Twitter is great for communicating,” Sol said, “but just awful for traffic.” Thbbtht. I’m done.