Stephen King’s “The Tan”

Watching the new (2020) adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand. The show title animates: the word “the” morphs into “stand.” And it comes off like this, every time: “The … the … the TAN… the tan? Oh, wait, there’s more… the S-TAN-D! Got it, right, right…”

Just a weird little bit of typographic/design trouble there.

So far (e5), Marsden is a perfectly good Stu Redman for a new generation, I guess. But Gary Sinise will always be the one true Stu in my mind. He nailed that role in the 1994 version.

Also, we have hear yet another example of plague storytelling that suffers in contrast to a genuine pandemic. Even though the characters know that there’s an extremely savage flu going around — they don’t know it’s only going to leave 1% of them alive, but they know it’s serious — no one in any scene shows the slightest bit of concern about being exposed to infection. And that rings extremely false after the last year of grim reality.