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Apple Mac computers and Mac OS X.

Apr 30, 18 Dropbox does not support symlinks, which has a nice side benefit but mostly sucks
Feb 22, 17 That Controversial New MacBook Pro (Touch Bar): A pretty good review
Feb 18, 16 Instant Hotspot My Ass: Apple’s super slow and unreliable “Instant Hotspot” feature
Nov 17, 13 A less glowing OS X Mavericks review
Jul 26, 13 BBEdit release notes
Feb 12, 13 Daisy-chaining with thunderbolt
Dec 24, 12 OS X’s LaunchPad: actually kind of great
Dec 20, 12 Mail search and “smart” mailboxes in Mac OS X Lion: the biggest promise and the biggest letdown
Dec 13, 12 Time Machine: still a janky mess
Dec 10, 12 So you think you want some AirPlay speakers
Nov 20, 12 Evernote, you’re going the wrong way
Sep 30, 12 Dragon Dictate ★★☆☆☆
Sep 10, 12 Bluetooth pairing is random
Aug 4, 12 Mountain Lion review in (26) bullet points
Jul 12, 12 First Retina Mac
Jul 9, 12 Fine-grained control is back
May 12, 12 Pairing Apple wireless keyboards, mice, trackpads: always a hassle
Mar 28, 12 F.lux ★★★★★ Perfect little thing
Mar 4, 12 xScope ★★★★★
Feb 5, 12 “Natural” beauty
Jan 30, 12 Apple’s Address
Jan 10, 12 Final OS X Lion review (shotgun) blast: a little bit of everything
Jan 10, 12 Micro-review of iCloud: Better than its sucky predecessor
Dec 28, 11 Some of Mac OS X Lion’s animations really miss the mark
Dec 4, 11 Finder & Mail: Core apps that still suck in Mac OS X Lion
Nov 22, 11 The law of low tech standards
Nov 20, 11 Mac OS X Lion: An allegedly mature OS?
Nov 14, 11 Three giant Apple displays and how (and why) I manage and use them, especially the brightness problem
Jul 20, 11 Before you install a new version of OS X: important safety tips!
Jun 15, 11 My first tech prediction wins! Apple “loses” scrap over subscriptions
Dec 29, 10 Mac Tip: Set a primary email address for a contact