Warranties: the agony, the “satisfaction”

It’s new TV day! Sony replaced my busted old Bravia a couple months before the end of its expensive 5-year warranty… and getting that replacement only took approximately “many” hours of my time spread out over several phone calls, a bunch of emails, and most of two months, with lots of contradictions and reversals, thick accents from foreign call centres, WTF moments, waiting on hold, getting disconnected and not called back as promised, and selecting menu items that didn’t really apply to my situation, but what else are you going to do? I paid through my nasal passages for that extended warranty!

But! The new TV is quite a bit bigger! Apparently they no longer make TVs as teensy as my old 32-incher. The new minimum is 42. Ooh la la. So I am a “satisfied” customer, in the sense that I got a new TV for “free,” but I would rather saw my hand off with a dull jacknife rather than go through that all again.