Yet another Pebble review (but this one mentions things I didn’t read about anywhere else)

Got me a Pebble smart watch a month ago: it’s a decent watch, plus it displays notifications piped to it via Bluetooth from my iPhone to my wrist. I paid $150, which I “pledged” months ago during Pebble’s kickstarter campaign, which famously proved there’s plenty (understatement) of interest in a product like this. And it certainly is interesting geekery. I haven’t enjoyed a new toy this much in quite a while.

This is also a classic example of a time-will-tell product (as well as a will-tell-time product, yuk yuk). Maybe it’s going to be my new BFF, and maybe it won’t. Will it actually prove useful enough? In a way, this watch is sort of like an app that happens to have mass and live on my wrist, insofar as it does exactly what apps do: gives my phone new powers. And apps are pretty hit-and-miss: once in a while you find one that really works out, but most just seemed like a good idea at the time.

So it will be quite interesting to see how much Pebble’s main trick actually matters to me. Do I really need notifications on my wrist? Maybe. I’ve been taking an iPhone out of my pocket about 500 times a day since 2008, and easily ¾ of those de-pocketings aren’t actually necessary, so this could be quite awesome.

Pebble stuff I like so far

Pebble things I’m less thrilled with

Despite the issues, I’m still wearing my Pebble most of the time. And after just a month, I’m already reflexively paying attention to my wrist, and I definitely notice quickly when it’s not there.