You’re losing me, Green Party 

Michael Kruse, Chronic Lyme Disease Creeps into Green Party Bill:

…the rhetoric in Bill-442 that suggests that doctors are “abandoning people with a treatable illness.” May and the Green Party are dangerously close to promoting the diagnosis of CLD, and even if this was not their attempt, a look at the comments on her website shows that this is the way that the CLD community has taken it.

This kind of thing is why I’m no longer all that keen on the Green Party of Canada. They’ve lost me the same way the profession of massage therapy lost me: by being entirely too chummy with pseudoscience and quackery.1

  1. Standard CLD disclaimer: many patients who claim to have chronic lyme disease certainly have something wrong with them. Claims about why they sick are an entirely different matter. Naturally, has some posts about of chronic lyme disease. 982 comments on that article and counting… ↩︎