Adobe’s installers have made no progress

I see Adobe doing a lot of things I really like the last year, giving me some hope that a company I once admired might just become admirable again, but their inability to get app installs right since forever is just appalling. I thought Creative Cloud might be better — a totally new way of doing things, and superficially tidy — but no dice. Just tried to install Illustrator & Acrobat, and it bombed. Illustrator failed cryptically after 30 minutes of very slow-moving “progress,” and 20m after that the Acrobat install is “waiting.” Why did Illustrator fail? What is Acrobat waiting for? What’s a user to do? Who knows!

Very graceful, Adobe.

Update: An hour after writing this, Acrobat was stalled at 43%. And then? I love this … 42%.