Agora ★★★★☆ Inspiring then depressing 

Agora is the story of fate of the philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria, one of the only women in the ancient world known for math and astronomy. She is a fascinating historical figure, and this film about her is under-rated — likely because of the same sexism and anti-intellectual prejudices Hypatia faced. To appreciate this film, you must be comfortable with certain values: that wondering how nature works is worthwhile, that beliefs can and should be questioned, and that women are as free and able to do so as men. Anything less, and the example of her life would be less inspiring and poignant, and probably even uncomfortable and insulting to a sexist and dogmatic mind. So I am not surprised the film was no blockbuster. And the effect of Hypatia herself on the men and Christians of ancient Alexandria? Distressingly, tragically predictable.