Anatomy of an anatomy course

So I’m taking this anatomy course. Love the subject, but the mechanics of actually taking the course are nightmarish: an archaic, glitchy, Kafkaesque web portal for course information, quizzes, assignments, and group work. The class would be better served by a Facebook group! If you blink or click the wrong thing, you miss critical information or end up in an infinite loop or end up in a discussion forum with some confused students who’ve been stuck there since 1997.

After the deadline for the first assignment, I stumbled on a fragment of ambiguous information suggesting I may not have correctly, successfully submitted it last week. The instructor confirmed this by email. Drat! Much clicking and eye-rolling later, I got it submitted the “right” way. Ta da.

Half an hour later, the instructor announces to the class (surprise surprise): “It has come to my attention that many students are not sure how to submit their assignment.”

And then he gave some incorrect instructions, clearly missing a critical step. Or maybe that’s just how things actually look in his web browser. Hard to be sure!

It’s either laugh or cry. I’m going to go with laugh.