And then I have a valid martini

In a new blog post, the good folks at Google Webmaster Central asked: “How do you use validation in your development process?” This was followed by the usual poopstorm of desperate publishers demanding to know exactly how validation is factored into PageRank, and the inevitable pot-kettle-black obversations that Google’s own code snippets are invalid, most notably their recent Google+ button code, which turns validators to stone like they looked at Medusa. Reading all this, I felt some serious snark coming on. This was my answer to the post:

I validate as much as I can. I stalk perfection. I get as close as I can get, until some unavoidable snippet of code — I’m looking at you, g:plusone — barges in like the dork in the pack and loudly says, “Hey guys, what’s goin’ on?” scaring all the valid caribou away.

And then I have a valid martini.