Another classic band on tour: Queen this time!

That’s Brian May playing “Love of My Life” for an extremely enthusiastic crowd at GM Place in Vancouver last night. The place was at capacity (19K), and spent most of the night on its feet. It was an old crowd, but not just an old crowd: Queen has obviously earned many new fans over the decades. And maybe some of the younger ones were there as much for Adam Lambert, who didn’t disappoint anyone: his singing was an excellent tribute to Freddie.

They did nice work putting footage of Freddie Mercury on screen, creating a strong illusion that he was right there with us. They also didn’t overdo it, just a few well-chosen bits.

Dr. May did a long astronomy-themed guitar number, with some spectacular visuals. That was a highlight for me. I wonder how many fans know he’s an astrophysicist? Based on the reaction, I’d say “most of them.”

And We Will Rock You was a highlight for everyone, probably the most iconic song in a set list full of classics. 20K people singing that with the band? We all rocked each other! So much fun.