Astrology book in science book display

Nooooooooo…LOLOLOL! The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe has some gross company in this display of science books (which was otherwise great):

The astrology book would have stood out like a sore thumb regardless, but the pairing with the SGU’s awesome new book is particularly hilarious, ironic, obnoxious. Because few people have done more to debunk astrology than the SGU guys!

It’s like a book about faith healing in a display of books about medicine.

Or, more specific: it’s like an Andrew Wakefield autobiography in a display of books about immunology. (Credit to Les Glennie for that one.)

It’s like Mein Kampf with books about the history of racism and genocide.

It’s like a book of Family Circus cartoons in the window of a LGBTI bookstore.

Had a nice chat with the lady who put it there. She knew she was going to “get in trouble” for it, and she was right! I gave her what I hope was a good-natured ribbing about it, and she was a good sport. Perhaps I successfully raised her awareness.

And I bought the SGU’s book, of course (again). Like I was rescuing it. 😉

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe: How to Know What's Really Real in a World Increasingly Full of Fake.