A better activity tracking app for Apple Watch 

Activity++ is a brilliant improvement on what Apple cooked up for activity tracking (which is pretty good). Exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

Tapping the top-right button opens up a statistics view that was something I felt sorely missing from the built-in Activity app. You can see what your average performance is, your best day, the frequency you’ve hit your goal for, your longest streak and a snapshot profile of what a typical day looks like for you. It is fun to see all the data your watch has collected over many months consolidated into a single summary.


I’ve worn my Apple Watch every day for many months now. There is no novelty that’s wearing off, just utility that’s still increasing: I use it for several handy things, and I keep finding more. Activity tracking is one of the most important to me — I’m pretty much a fitness nut these days, I guess — but Apple’s data visualization is annoyingly basic. This appears to fix it. Yay.