Blindness ★★★☆☆ 

Finally got around to this polarizing arty film about a plague of blindness. I found the scenario fascinating, and I enjoyed its many strokes of imagination and originality. But even its best details did not add up to a good story, and a few of them were badly off key. There are two details in particular that outraged critics, and I’m with them: the immediate incarceration and total abandonment of the victims in an apparently modern and wealthy society was too implausible not to get the eyes rolling; and the failure of the only sighted person among them to defend her companions or herself from blind thugs was so emotionally artificial and strained, for the sake of a dubious artistic point, that I very nearly stopped the movie.

Proponents do some bullshit intellectual contortions to justify these story-telling choices, but they only make sense as forced, effete Art.