The Canadian perspective on America’s crisis

An American friend of mine wrote to say “we’re disintegrating down here” and asked me how it looks from Canada. Well, basically…

Not all Americans, of course. ❤️ We do know that. And we have our own emboldened factions of racist fuckwits who have been acting up lately, as well as plenty of other shared social problems, so we are wary of feeling too smug about being a more sensible people. But it is clear to most of us that American society is badly broken.

From here, the current crisis looks like the unavoidable outcome of decades of blatant corrosion and corruption in nearly every domain of life, and especially the last 3.5 years of Trump. It looks serious, and likely to get a lot worse. And of course it’s nerve-wracking when your giant neighbour is having seizures.

And during the most deadly plague of our lives no less. That combination is both the most WTAF thing I have ever witnessed and the most predictable. Of course things break when they are under pressure. Vonnegut: “And so it goes.”