Cat tree gets new cat

Our huge old cat “tree” is already being enjoyed by a new feline. My wife and I sold the tree today, a week after saying goodbye to our beautiful old cat, and we were happy to sell it (at a great price) to a young family with a young cat. Their kitty took to it immediately, and they sent us pictures. A very pleasant interaction. Does my sad heart some good.

The tree is 9’ tall, and the top platform is quite wide and overhangs the one below it by a couple inches. When we got it for Cali, she was already middle aged, and couldn’t scale it the way a younger cat would. Once and only once did she claw her way to the top platform. When she tried to get down, her butt flipped over her head and she tumbled all the way to the bottom! She seemed fine, wounded only in the dignity … but that was enough to keep her off the top!

The new owner is only 4 months old, and got onto to the top immediately. Good!