Does your head tingle when you learn something cool?

Responding to something I wrote long ago and can no longer find (this happens more and more), a reader asked me:

Does your head really tingle when you are learning something you find interesting?

It actually does. It really can get intense. Sadly, this pleasant phenomenon is getting rare as I age, although I do still get it from time to time. It's usually associated with learning that broadens in my horizons in some non-trivial way, a meaningful or especially interesting insight, that "light bulb going on" feeling. Sometimes it's just sheer density of information, if I'm actually getting it. I never get that feeling when I feel stumped or overloaded; only when I think I'm successfully taking it in.

I remember a really strong example of this phenomenon from university. My head got so buzzy it was like being high. It felt really, really good. Probably not a coincidence that the lady professor was super cute. It was the learning high, definitely, just … crush-enhanced. ☺

Does your head tingle when you learn?