Evernote: all your text are belong to us

Evernote is an application for storing and searching through lots of notes and saved information. I’ve been evaluating it for a week and generally digging it, but I’ve only just started to realize how powerful its text recognition feature is. It first hit me when I searched for a term in my growing database and it popped up a comic strip that I’d saved.

It found the text in the comic strip — an image file. Hand-lettered text, at that.

Whoa. That’s cool. So in Evernote, all your text are belong to us … even when your text are in pictures. (See: “are belong to us” meme.)

And today I discovered that you can take a quick snapshot of anything on your screen and it will do the same business on it: scan any text in the image and make it searchable.

This is so nifty that I know that I will be willing to choke down some of Evernote’s more baffling limitations (i.e. tag management is ghastly, no notebook hierarchy, and a few other head scratchers). The application has a bad case of so-close-to-perfection-yet-so-far.