Final OS X Lion review (shotgun) blast: a little bit of everything

Over the past few weeks, I’ve published my reviews of several key components of Mac OS X lion (mostly cranky). Some people have suggested that I must have too much time on my hands, when just the opposite is true — I have been spread much too thin since mid-2000s, constantly updating eight books and hundreds of articles, finishing a degree, etc. And yet I still chose to make time for this!

For pity’s sake, why?

Above all, because I’m a hobbyist, raised on computers, tinkering since the TRS-80 CoCo. But technological literacy is a modern necessity, and a particular occupational hazard for me, and reviewing identifying and bitching about the quirks of my tools is simply important and no more eccentric than RingTFM. (RTFM is a geekronym for “read the fucking manual,” used like a club on those who obviously haven’t. Here’s a shocker: reading manuals and looking things up is actually a very good method of learning how software works.)

I am struck but how much more there is that I could do. It’s astonishing how large Apple’s “ecosystem” (hate that word) has become. I’ve barely scratched the surface of Lion, and yet iOS and iCloud are also now major factors in my daily computing, and professionally relevant. iOS would be unavoidable as a technology that many of my customers are using, even if I didn’t care — though I do.

But there are limits to my dedication. I don’t have the “luxury” of studying and reviewing Apple products full time. And so this review series now comes to an end with …

A somewhat ignominously anticlimactic list of lion review miscellany