Finding the time to write is like finding room for an elephant in the garden shed

But I’m managing. Just.

A few weeks ago I announced that I will be returning to writing science fiction. Choosing to devote “an hour or two a day” to a new project sounds like nothing, a trivialty, but such is the scale of my existing commitments that it’s actually a major allocation, about as feasible as donating an arm or finding room for an elephant in the garden shed.

So far, I am pulling off about a half hour per day — but I’ve been quite consistent, and a steady beat of effort is probably more important than the volume.

John Scalzi on finding the time to write:

So: Do you want to write or don’t you? If your answer is ‘yes, but,’ then here’s a small editing tip: what you’re doing is using six letters and two words to say ‘no.’ And that’s fine. Just don’t kid yourself as to what ‘yes, but’ means.