Hi from Christie! An impressive coincidence

Christie Aschwanden is a science journalist I’ve admired for years. I helped her out with some subject matter in her latest book, Good To Go, just out. I get mentioned and quoted in the book, which is nice, and I’ve been in touch with Christie a couple times lately about the book’s launch.

Now, regarding completely different subject matter…

I was listening to a fascinating podcast about cartography and a new book about maps, All Over the Map: a Cartographic Odyssey, by Betsy Mason and Greg Miller. It was so intriguing that I bought a couple copies straight away and wrote to Betsy to thank her for the terrific information (and also recommend this really cool article about fantasy maps).

And now for the weird coincidental collision of these things: Betsy wrote back right and told me that she had just read about me in Christie Aschwanden’s book… and that Christie was right there with her, a guest in her home while doing book events in the area. “Hi from Christie!”

Either part of that would have been a good small world thing, but the pair? Impressive coincidence!

And a nice pretext for plugging a couple of great new books. 😉