I’ve always loved time-lapse photography — it’s like a time telescope, revealing what cannot normally be seen because it unfolds too “far” away in time. (And slow motion is a time microscope, just as cool.) Alas, it’s never been practical for a dabbler like me to make decent time-lapses without a tripod. Until now. This is so exciting!

Hyperlapse (app icon)

Hyperlapse to the rescue

Hyperlapse” is a new iOS app that does stabilized time lapse video, a nifty effect, basically a Steadicam simulation combined with time lapse. Groovy. I’ll be playing with this a lot. For example…

Hyperlapse tour of Georgia Beach House

Here’s a Hyperlapse tour of Georgia Beach House, which belongs to my wife’s family. Kim and I are here for the long weekend and a bit. In this video, about four minutes of shaky video is collapsed into 47 seconds of surprisingly smooth video.

Georgia Beach House hyperlapse tour 47s

Hyperlapse walk out into the ocean

Another example: we took a walk out on a looooong, snakey peninsula of gravel bar exposed by the low tide. The tip was really way out there. Felt like we were hiking straight into the ocean!

Hyperlapse walk into the ocean 37s

And, yeah, we almost got cut off by the returning tide!

Here’s what the approach to the gravel bar looked like by the time we got back.

It was just a quick wade back to shore, though. Kim got a piggyback ride! Good thing we didn’t dawdle out there, though, because that tide was coming in fast. Not this fast, but fast…

tide trap 10s

Weirdly, I ended up posting about messing with time in both audio and video today. See also: Overcast’s Smart Speed.