I has a happy

I’m … happy? There hasn’t been enough of that in the last few years. I’ve been cheerful and plucky, for the most part — but definitely not “happy.” I’ve been exhausted by necessary workaholism, harassed by legal bullies for exceptionally unjust reasons, and gone through one the most wrenching things life can throw at a husband (my wife was in a really terrible accident … while travelling alone abroad.)

But the unusual hardships are now history. Kim is healing well. My publishing business is strong and turning into a dream come true, and I’ve successfully executed one of the smoothest career transitions I’ve ever heard of.

My cat is sunny, I’m reading a great book, and I’ve even lost a few pounds.

Yup. Things are looking up.

Update, 2013: Yep, still happy. The cat has passed on, but the wife has healed (not perfectly, but better than we dared hope), and business is great.