I know, right?!

This cracked me up. It came from my very own brain.

Sometimes I amuse even myself.

I’m fascinated by language and memetics and cheerfully and playfully embrace trendy words and expressions because I think their infectiousness is fascinating in its own right (regardless of how annoyingly trendy they might be). The origins of “I know, right?!” are murky at best, but it seems to be kin to Valleyspeak (see “up talk”), which isn’t really my style. Nevertheless, my wife and I have adopted it so thoroughly that “IKR” peppers our messaging. When I thought of Han’s famous “I know” recently, adding “right” seemed so obvious I couldn’t resist. And, freakishly, it seems like no one else has done this. Did I actually come up with something new on the Internet? Go forth, little meme…