IMDb app micro-review 

I'm a film buff, a moderately dedicated IMDb user, and my iPhone is welded to my hand, and I endorse the IMDb app … with reservations.

The IMDb app is beautiful designed for exploring the IMDb database, but it still fails as a service, and to this day I do not have a film app that does what I need. After a painfully long wait, 2.0 finally introduced the ability to sign in to your account to rate movies — yaaaaaay! — but painfully deprived us of the ability to do anything else with our IMDB accounts, and even rating is clumsily implemented. You have to tap deeply to rate, and the input widget is a poor choice for the task.

My compliments to the dev team for the core functionality — browsing the data totally rawks — but I roll my cranky eyes at the rest of it.