Keurig Fail

I think I’m done with the Keurig coffee-maker experiment. It has come up with about a half dozen interesting ways to screw up. Particularly un-charming is its habit of spewing a 2–3 tablespoons of cold water out of the spout just before it starts producing coffee. It does this quite erratically. It will do it three times in a week, and it’s fine for a month. You just never know when it’s going to ruin a cup of coffee that way.

I could just barely accept the wastefulness of the thing if it was actually reliable and convenient … but it’s not.

I’m afraid I just can’t recommend them. I think it’s probably back to a French press now.

Update: So I am trying one of these now: an Aeropress coffee maker (weirdly made by Aerobie, the company that makes that super-far-flying throwing ring toy). Plus I got a mid-range burr grinder so I can get a decent fine grind (which is apparently an important pre-requisite). Excellent first impression. Nice coffee. A bit fussy, but less than a french press. Certainly it’s much easier to clean.