Louis CK, Comedy Sorceror

I went to see Louis CK perform in Vancouver last night, and it was exhausting in a good way.

Some things are funny “because they’re true.” Well, Louis CK reveals truths faster, more completely, more emotionally than any comedian I’ve ever seen. I slammed back and forth between hilarity and poignant wincing for 90 minutes: the truth is funny and painful, and the funnier it is the more painful it is too.

I laughed so hard I got all worn out and nearly ripped some intercostal muscles — it felt like torture tickling — but I also felt overwhelmed emotionally and intellectually. I’m a word guy, but I couldn’t figure out how this guy was doing what he was doing with words! He was like a fantastic magician, so quick and clever that I only felt the effect and could not perceive the method. I was just swept away by a tsunami of good comedy. Amazing stuff.