Mac OS X Lion: An allegedly mature OS?

Like a craptastic blockbuster movie in 3D, Mac OS X Lion isn’t what it could and should be … but I’m having some fun with it anyway.

I installed the king of the jungle OS shortly after it was launched this summer. I’m usually willing to put up with bleeding edge hassles because:

I don’t regret installing Lion, even with its many point-oh glitches. (Many of which have been fixed as of 10.7.2.) Other initial OS X releases have actually been more problematic for me, and I’m grateful for a few of its better features and improvements over Snow Leopard.

And yet I have a long list of gripes, and I cannot overlook many of Lions problems — as so many reviewers seem all too willing to do.

Over the next few weeks, I will publish a review of Lion in a loose series of bite-sized chunks. I will lob out many snarky criticisms of the ridiculous rough edges in a supposedly mature product. Yet again, I will demonstrate that I am no fanbois. My generally strong allegiance to Apple is not mindless or even consistent, and I see their products as the lesser of evils for my particular tastes and needs.