macOS Catalina still can’t shuffle a slideshow

One of the biggest pet peeves I have had with Apple’s for many years is that you couldn’t shuffle a slideshow, which is just bonkers to me. This is a feature I had and used regularly with iPhoto for many years. It was one of many that vanished when iPhoto was replaced with Photos.

Slideshow shuffle was also missing from iOS for years, and there were even 3rd party apps that existed primarily to deliver that one feature. But slideshow shuffling finally appeared in iOS 13. No fanfare, not even a marketing bullet point, just finally there, better late than never.

Apple touts several major new features in Photos, and I’ve even heard some Mac wonks say that these changes are their main motivation for upgrading to Catalina. So I was actually optimistic that slideshow shuffle would finally be a thing.

But there is still no slideshow shuffle in Photos. Catalina did not bring the shuffle. Which is so daft it’s hard to believe.

Numb disappointment now appears to be my default position on Apple software, especially on the Mac.

2021 update: Photos on macOS Big Sur still cannot shuffle a slideshow. 😡