Midnight Oil again

It was fun to see Midnight Oil in concert again, on their Great Circle tour. The last time I saw them was just about the last time it was possible, right before they disbanded 15 years ago, so that Peter Garrett could get serious about his political career.

The main impression the concert made is that these guys are extremely good musicians. Not that I’m any kind of music critic. But damn, sounded great to me! Complex.

Garrett seemed barely changed, maybe slightly craggier, but just as energetic as ever. I was looking forward to hearing him talk a bit, and he did, but that part of the show was about as predictable as it could possibly be: a few stabs at Trump of course, the couple obligatory comments about Vancouver (“most liveable” but expensive), and some moral support for Kinder Morgan pipeline opponents.

I don’t think the Oils have earned many new fans in the last decade and a half, because the average age in the audience was about 50, and almost no one under 30.