my xkcd picks

xkcd is an outrageously successful “webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language,” by Randall Munroe. Some my all-time favourites are shown here. Randall generously allows this usage of his work under a Creative Commons license, bless him. In the fall of 2009, Randall published the first xkcd book. Buy it — buy it now. He also has some great posters and T-shirts for sale.

#55 — The one about the math of love

#108 — The one about a girl whose only mode of transporation is the MC Hammer slide

#123 — The one about centrifugal force and James Bond

#149 — The one about the power of sudo

#221 — The one about random number

#231 — The one about inanity of statements graphed against proximity to cats

#242 — The one about the difference between a normal person and a scientist

#258 — The one about conspiracy theories

#262 — The one about gluing captions to cats

I didn't want to like LOLcats at first. But I couldn't help it. Resistance is futile. We're talking about funny pictures of cats and a global community of smart geeks inventing captions for them. Just try not to laugh out loud. I dare ya.

#285 — The one about citation needed

#286 — The one about someone being wrong on the internet

#327 — The one about SQL injection attacks

#442 — The one about the “boom de yada” song, xkcd style

Bonus! Absurdly charming animation of this strip!

#482 — The one about the height of the universe

I have a poster of this one. Thanks, Risa!

#518 — The one about flow charts

#530 — The one about being locked out

#541 — The one about the TED talk

#657 — The one about the movie character interactions

This is just like a thumbnail. You really have to click on this one to get to, and then click on it again to get the full-size version.

#718 — The one about how UFO reports get hopelessly exaggerated and over-reported

Overdue to add some more: Randall is up to 1200+ now!