Peak denial

Downplaying the threat of Covid because so many people who die from it had pre-existing conditions is one of the most extreme examples of callously willful ignorance and denial I can imagine. It’s right up there with round Earth denial. Does denial have any limits? It seems not.

there is such a lack of humanity left in this pandemic. i've lost two people to covid and the FIRST question I'm asked is "but what else did they have?" as if that makes their loss less meaningful. what they HAD wasn't KILLING them which is why they were still HERE.

— adam faze (@adamfaze) September 10, 2020

Everyone for all of history: “New diseases hit the vulnerable hardest and that’s awful.”

Way, way too many people in 2020: “A disease is only nasty if it kills perfectly healthy people, the frail don’t count!”

Madness. People who believe this are broken.