Plagiarism case study

Punish Cooks Source Magazine! Not for stealing (that’s bad), but for being incredibly daft and arrogant about it after being busted. They published a writer’s article without permission or pay. When she politely complained, they told her that web content is “public domain” and she’s lucky they didn’t just put someone else’s name on it. My link today is the story as told by Scalzi, with links to more from his post, The Stupidest Thing an Editor With Three Decades of Experience Has Said About the Web Today.

Hey, Cooks Source — ever hear that expression “never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel”? Well, you just picked a fight with an entire world full of writers and countless other articulate professionals with a stake in copyright. (We also actually understand it.) And these days we “buy” more “ink” than there has ever been in the whole history of publication.

You are so dazzlingly screwed!

Update: Cook’s Source was completely destroyed by the end of the year.