The plight of the mediocre command-line wizard

I think there are a lot of mid-range power-users who feel like me about the command line. The command line isn’t scary but it’s not exactly comfortable either. When you’re used to and skilled with a bunch of GUIs, a CLI feels like fumbling around in the dark for things you know about but can’t remember half the time, and you don’t go “down there” quite often enough for the most interesting magic incantations to stick in your mind. It’s like you’re stuck in your third year at Hogwarts, and you could dazzle any muggle, but you would embarrass yourself in the company of real wizards. (Indeed, you still need real wizards to help out with many difficult jobs.) You know what grepping and piping are, but hell if you can remember the syntax and the flags you need. So you spend a lot of time trying to remember how you did that thing that one time, Googling for half-remembered scraps and scanning a lot of discussions on