Several days off coffee now

I tapered for three weeks and had my last cup of weak-ass decaf on Monday morning. Doing fine. No headaches, no conniptions. No special reason for the experiment: really just making sure I can manage my addiction. I’m a little curious to see my sleep quality improves, but I doubt it. I’ve done this experiment before, and I’m pretty clear that coffee consumed before 4pm has little or no effect on my sleep. It really is just about making sure I’m the boss of it, and not the other way around.

Looking forward to taking it up again, but it’ll be a few weeks.

Health update after resuming

I have resumed drinking coffee. That break was probably the best I’ve ever taken. I noticed no health benefits to the abstinence, and no symptoms of indulgence after rebooting the habit. In particular, I confirmed yet again that my coffee habit seems to be irrelevant to my serious chronic problems with insomnia — I sleep just as badly with or without coffee.